Media Release Fight For Our Reef

Next QLD government must save our Reef and Oceans

October 29, 2017

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced today that the next Queensland election will take place on Saturday, November 25.

Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) Director Darren Kindleysides said Queensland’s oceans are some of the richest on Earth, home to more species than any other Australian state.

“This Queensland election is a critical opportunity for political leaders to improve protection of our unique marine environment in the next term of government.

“Our amazing ocean backyard is central to our identity and our lifestyle. We have a lot to lose.

“Our Reef and oceans are at risk from climate change, pollution and industrial development. Some of our fisheries are threatening vulnerable species and critical gaps remain in marine protection”, Mr Kindleysides said.

AMCS Fight For Our Reef Campaign Director Imogen Zethoven said the Reef was in grave danger because of climate change, driven mainly by burning coal and gas.

“Almost half the shallow water corals on the Reef have died in the past two years. The majority of Queenslanders want our political leaders to be doing all they can to stop this destruction.

“Most Queenslanders do not support a $1 billion taxpayer loan to Adani to build a massive coal mine which will do untold harm to our living wonder.

“Coal kills coral – that’s why we must quit the habit as quickly as possible,” she said.

AMCS is calling on all parties to:

Veto the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF) loan to Adani
Commit to no new coal mines or coal fired power stations
Commit to at least 50% renewable power, like solar and wind, by 2030
End deforestation in Queensland to improve Reef water quality
Legislate a cap on fertiliser pollution that runs into Reef waters
Invest more in Reef catchment restoration
Invest more in fisheries management to reduce the pressure on fish stocks and threatened species.
Commit to a Plastic Pollution Reduction Target of 70% by 2021.

“The future of the Reef is in the hands of the next Queensland government. Our politicians must hear that Queenslanders will be voting for the Reef.

“This will allow our children, and grandchildren to enjoy this amazing, underwater world as much as we do. It’s about a brighter future for the Sunshine State in which we look after our natural assets and create jobs that are local, long-term and sustainable,” Ms Zethoven said.

Facts and figures

The Great Barrier Reef generates $6.4 billion each year and sustains 64,000 jobs.¹
The Reef is the largest living structure on Earth. Spanning 2300 kilometres, it can even be seen from space.²
In 2016 and again in 2017, a massive underwater heatwave caused half of all the Reef’s shallow water corals to bleach and die.³