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QLD LNP needs fresh plans for Queenslanders beyond coal

July 14, 2017

WHAT: Speakers and colourful action outside Qld LNP State Conference by key environmental groups including The Wilderness Society, the Australian Marine Conservation Society, GetUp, Australian Conservation Foundation and the Stop Adani movement highlighting the poor environmental policy of the LNP and the vibrant community in support of our environment.

WHEN: 10AMSaturday 15th July

WHERE: Brisbane Convention Centre, entrance cnr Glenelg & Merivale Streets, South Brisbane

PHOTO OP: Big crowd with banners and costumes.

The Wilderness Society’s Queensland Campaign Manager Gemma Plesman said, “With Queensland’s election on the horizon, the agenda of the Liberal National Party Conference makes clear they haven’t changed their spots since Campbell Newman and they are not serious about the future of our state’s environment.

“Since the Newman LNP Government gutted tree-clearing laws, Queensland has lost over one million hectares of forest and bushland – that’s an area the size of the Gabba Stadium every three minutes.”

Significant resolutions to be debated at this weekend’s QLD LNP State Conference are below.

Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS), Great Barrier Reef Campaigner Dr Lissa Schindler said, “The LNP’s poor policies when they were in Government are still having a devastating impact on Queenslanders’ environment, climate and our Great Barrier Reef.

“When they were last in government, the LNP wound back environmental protection and drove a pro development agenda. They pushed for millions of tonnes of dredging and dumping within the Reef’s waters, propped up the mining industry, gutted land clearing laws, removed community rights to appeal, and undermined support for solar and renewables.”

“Although the party wants to distance itself from the Campbell Newman era they appear to be running the same anti-environment agenda they always have.

“The Great Barrier Reef is dying before our eyes, yet the Queensland Opposition is responding by throwing its support behind the coal industry and Adani’s destructive coal mine”.

Queensland Lead Organiser Ellen Roberts from GetUp said, “The resolutions the LNP is putting forward are destructive and backwards. Queenslanders want real leadership that listens to the community and protects our Great Barrier Reef. What they’ve churned out is so far off the mark.”

The Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) Campaigner Jason Lyddieth said, “Some parts of the Queensland Liberal Party are taking their cues from Donald Trump, proposing the Liberal Party withdraw Australia from the global Paris Climate Accord.

“While the Sunshine State is powering ahead with renewable energy Tim Nicholls wants to go backwards and build new coal power. The Queensland Liberal Party needs to get with the times and support clean energy, not more polluting fuels.”

For further comment contact:
Wilderness Society Queensland Campaign Manager Gemma Plesman on 0423 044 431
Australian Conservation Foundation Campaigner Jason Lyddieth on 0401 468 139
Australian Marine Conservation Society Dr Lissa Schindler on 0400 830 502

Significant Qld LNP resolutions


That this Convention of the LNP urge a future LNP State Government to promote and support the development of the Queensland coal industry and fully resist environmental groups who are determined to disrupt and impede the progress of this important industry in our state.


That this Convention of the LNP: (a) congratulate the State LNP Opposition in their stand supporting the Adani mining application for the Carmichael Mine; and (b) support the existing gazetted arrangements concerning royalty payments with mining companies, to ensure stability and security both for government and for company investment decisions.


That this Convention of the LNP call on the Federal Coalition Government to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord as it weakens Australia’s sovereignty and economy without helping the environment in any measurable way.