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Don’t green light Palmer’s Reef damaging coal mine

January 22, 2021

Don’t green light Palmer’s Reef damaging coal mine

A proposed Queensland coal mine which scientists say could bring devastation to areas of our Great Barrier Reef should not be given the green light, the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) say. 

The Independent Expert Scientific Committee (IESC) expressed extreme concern about Clive Palmer’s proposed Central Queensland Coal project because of risks to the Great Barrier Reef, including the discharge of mine-affected water into the World Heritage area and impact on Queensland’s largest fish habitat at Broad Sound, north of Rockhampton.

“Quite apart from the fact a new coal mine will simply add to the climate change woes that are harming our beautiful Reef, this project will discharge coal-polluted water into delicate areas, harming habitats and marine wildlife,” said AMCS Great Barrier Reef spokesperson David Cazzulino.

“Our Reef is still in the process of recovering from its third mass bleaching event in five years, driven by climate change. It is already facing pressures from water quality issues and harmful fishing practices. Our Reef does not need another polluting project to drive up those pressures.

“We urge Queensland and Commonwealth politicians to heed the warnings from the IESC and not give this mine the go ahead. They need to stand up for our Great Barrier Reef, the precious  marine life and Reef communities that depend on it.”


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