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Clive Palmer Company Coal Mine a Disaster for our Great Barrier Reef

October 22, 2019

Clive Palmer’s Waratah Coal company’s application for an Environmental Authority and a Mining Lease for a mega-coal mine should be rejected given the project’s impact on the climate and our Great Barrier Reef says the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS).

The 40 million tonne per annum Galilee Coal project, which would destroy a nature refuge in central Queensland if it goes ahead, has not progressed since 2013 but has now been revived with a public notice advising of the application for leases.

Shani Tager, AMCS Great Barrier Reef Campaign Manager said: “Our precious Reef is in grave danger and needs our care and stewardship more than anything right now. In order to give our Reef a fighting chance in the face of galloping climate change and rising ocean temperatures, we need to urgently transition to renewable energy, not sanction new coal projects like this.

“Mining and burning more coal at a time when our Reef is already suffering the impacts of climate change is reckless beyond belief.

Ms Tager added: “Just last month the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority warned that the long-term outlook for the health of our Reef is very poor because of climate change. Letting new mines like this go ahead will add fuel to the fire and make things worse.

In addition, the coal from the Galilee Coal Project would be shipped directly through the Great Barrier Reef.

“A healthy Reef is critical for the tourism industry, it is Australia’s most loved natural asset and supports 64,000 plus jobs. Queensland and Australia are custodians of our Reef and need to lead by example to show that we can have a bright future beyond coal, which is the only path forwards if we are to avoid runaway climate change.


For comment contact AMCS Communications Manager:  Ingrid Neilson 0421 972 731