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Adani weeks away from Reef-wrecking financial close - Governments must stop this mine

November 1, 2018

In response to news that Adani is just weeks away from reaching financial closure, Australian Marine Conservation Society spokesperson Imogen Zethoven, said:

“It is beyond belief that we are fighting Adani’s monstrous coal mine when climate change, driven mainly by mining and burning coal, has had such a massive impact on our Great Barrier Reef.

“According to media reports, Adani is planning to start digging within months. This comes less than a week after urgent warnings that there could be another severe coral bleaching event this coming summer.

“If Adani’s monstrous coal mine goes ahead it will accelerate dangerous climate change, put our Reef in even more danger and threaten 64,000 tourism jobs.

“Two thirds of Australians don’t want this mine. Adani is currently in Court over allegations that they have polluted the Reef with coal-contaminated water. They are under investigation for potential illegal drilling at the mine site. This is not a company that can be trusted with our Reef.

“According to media reports, Adani is keen to avoid being dragged into next year’s federal election. AMCS and its 260,000 supporters will be making it very clear all the way to the federal election that people don’t want this Reef-wrecking mine.

People are angry and exasperated at the state of our Great Barrier Reef, which has lost half of its coral cover in the rolling coral bleaching event of 2016/17. Australia’s peak marine tourism industry* in Cairns has called for urgent climate change action. Australia’s peak national farming body, the National Farmers Federation has just come out and warned that climate change is making the current drought worse.

“What more proof does the federal government need before they block this mine and change course towards a clean energy future?

“It would be a brave politician that would support this mine going ahead. Australians want the Reef protected and they want strong climate policy not more coal mines.”

To speak with Imogen Zethoven, AO, contact AMCS Communications Manager Ingrid Neilson, 0421 972 731.

*See here for historic Climate Change Declaration from the Australian Marine Tourism Operators.