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Adani challenges fine for pollution breach next to the Great Barrier Reef

August 25, 2017

The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) today expressed disbelief that the Adani company will challenge a $12,900 fine for breaching its pollution licence next to the Great Barrier Reef.

AMCS Great Barrier Reef Campaign Director Imogen Zethoven said it was inconceivable that Adani was challenging the paltry fine, given its own report found it had breached the licence.

“Adani has admitted that it exceeded a temporary licence from the Queensland government to pollute the surrounding environment at Abbot Point coal port during Cyclone Debbie”, Ms Zethoven said.

“Adani released 806 mg/l when its temporary licence allowed it to pollute 100 mg/l.

“The violation of the licence shows that Adani cannot be trusted to operate a coal port next to the Great Barrier Reef.

“Scientists have warned repeatedly that severe cyclones – Category 3 and above – are likely to become even more severe as a result of climate change.

“If Adani’s Carmichael mine and port development is allowed to proceed, we risk damaging coal pollution discharges into the Great Barrier Reef. This is the last thing the Reef needs.

“The Adani company has a very poor environmental track record in India. It is already showing that it has a poor track record here, even before the Carmichael mine commences operations.

“It’s high time for our governments to recognise that Adani’s mine, rail and port project should be rejected outright, and all approvals revoked.

“The federal and Queensland governments should be putting the Reef and its 64,000 tourism jobs first.

“The Great Barrier Reef is in grave danger. Adani’s project will only accelerate damage to the Reef, when we should be doing all we can to relieve pressure on our natural wonder by switching rapidly to 100% renewable energy,” Ms Zethoven said.



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