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Climate impacts risk Reef World Heritage listing - Australian government must act

UNESCO has released their draft decision: our Great Barrier Reef should be listed as ‘In Danger’ as a World Heritage Site due to the threat of climate change and pollution.

The Australian government needs to take responsibility and take action for our Reef. 

Instead, the Australian government has blasted UNESCO calling into question this independent draft decision that’s based on the Australian government’s own Reef Outlook Report and advice from the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. 

Join us to push back against the bluster and urge the Australian government to take bold action on climate change and Reef water pollution. 

To come off the ‘In Danger’ list UNESCO is recommending the Australian government to undertake a series of “corrective measures” to address the threat of climate change to the Reef and report back on 1 February 2022 with how it is implementing all the requests.

The Australian government must take serious and rapid action on climate change by transitioning from fossil fuels to clean energy, accelerating action and investment to reduce pollution. The Government needs to commit to a 1.5C compatible pathway.

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