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Donate to Stop Clive Palmer's Coal Mine!

Clive Palmer’s company – wants to build a new coal mine just 10 km from the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area

We are running an urgent ad campaign to generate a tidal wave of public action to defend our Great Barrier Reef and reject this polluting project once and for all.

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If we rise up today, we can stop this colossal project in its tracks and defend our Reef and the iconic marine life who call it home. It’s up to you and me. Together, we have the power for change. Can you help?

We need to urgently intervene for our Reef. 
Will you make an urgent donation today?

All donations are 100% tax-deductible. Our important campaigns are not funded by Government grants, we are totally reliant on generous people like you to protect Australia’s oceans and the animals that call them home.

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