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At AMCS, we love celebrating sustainable seafood by connecting responsible fishers and farmers with conscientious consumers like you.

The GoodFish App is designed to help local communities make informed seafood choices. It also helps them participate in the growing demand for sustainable seafood in Australia.

Invest $40,000 in 2024 to amplify our groundbreaking GoodFish App to drive the growing demand for sustainable seafood in Australia.

We are urgently seeking donations to help fund this critical campaign to protect and restore Australia’s oceans.


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All donations over $2 are 100% tax-deductible. Our important campaigns are not funded by Government grants, we are totally reliant on generous people like you to protect Australia’s oceans and the animals that call them home.

The projects featured in the Funding Prospectus are priority campaign activities and needs for which we are urgently seeking funds. As a result, there may be some cases in which the project you have selected may already be fully funded. In that instance, we would be delighted to discuss where the need is greatest at the given time. All of our campaigns work in symbiotic support of our mission to protect our oceans. Please be assured your gift will go to work to be the voice for Australia’s oceans, working on the big issues that risk our ocean wildlife.