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Let’s get whales protected forever

Decades of unregulated whaling meant that many species were hunted to the brink of extinction.

Today whales face more threats than ever before.

Our whales need global cooperation and action. The International Whaling Commission (IWC) is about to meet for the first time in four years. The fate of our whales is in their hands, and we need a seat at the table.

We need to raise $6,000 by September 1st to send our Threatened Species Campaign Manager, Alexia Wellbelove, to the IWC meeting in Slovenia.

If you donate today, Alexia will work on your behalf, to fight to protect whales globally. Our presence will help make sure the Australian government continues to be a world leader in whale conservation.

Whaling is far from over , but with your support we will fight to protect our gentle giants. We will highlight threats whales and dolphins are facing from climate change, development and bycatch in fisheries.

Please donate to get your voice in the room.


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All donations over $2 are 100% tax-deductible. Our important campaigns are not funded by Government grants, we are totally reliant on generous people like you to protect Australia’s oceans and the animals that call them home.


Our presence has impact.

In 2013, Australia led the world movement against whaling, by taking Japan to the International Court of Justice to challenge their ‘scientific’ whaling. Thanks to the donations of generous people like you, anti-whaling campaigning was instrumental in this decision. Campaigners dedicated years to working with governments, lawyers and scientists to convince our leaders to take this case forward.

Australia won this momentous court case when the courts ruled that Japan’s Antarctic whaling program broke international law. This halted Japan’s whaling in the Southern Ocean.

History shows the impact of the anti-whaling campaign.
Your donation will mean we can continue to help the Australian government to maintain its vital role as a global leader in whale conservation and ensure whales are protected into the future.

The International Whaling Commission is about to meet for the first time in four years after pandemic interruptions.

We need to be there.

Please donate today to get our representatives in the room,
fighting to protect whales globally.

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Hi, I’m Alexia.

Wildlife conservation and animal welfare are what drive me, and I am a passionate advocate for the conservation of our majestic whales.

I would be so honoured to represent your voice at this year’s IWC meeting.

This meeting is a huge global moment. It’s the first time the commission has met in four years. While the pandemic stopped these discussions, commercial whaling has continued in some countries, and whales are more under threat than ever from the impacts of climate change, industrial development, bycatch in fisheries and marine debris.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the signing of the global moratorium on commercial whaling. Four decades later, vulnerable whale populations are still recovering from decades of unregulated whaling, and need our help to protect them from these increasing threats.

We have achieved some amazing wins at these meetings in the past, which I have been fortunate to witness first hand, and the upcoming meeting is no less important. We need to ensure that the moratorium stays in place for at least another 40 years, and that the IWC’s focus shifts to one of conservation.

Whales migrate, and our oceans transcend national borders. Representation at global meetings like this is the most important thing we can do to protect whales. A bold international conservation vision is needed now more than ever.

It would truly mean the world to me if you could chip in to get me to this important meeting.

Send Alexia to the IWC Meeting