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Australia’s South-east marine region is a magical place where three great oceans meet. Here, it’s full of life and home to many species that exist nowhere else. These waters feed migrating whales, breeding seabirds and their chicks, as well as the world’s smallest penguin.

A massive ‘underwater bushfire’ is descending on these oceans around Tasmania and Victoria. Like a bushfire, marine heatwaves can have devastating impacts on wildlife and ecosystems.

Marine sanctuaries act like national parks in the ocean, and can help our ocean wildlife survive marine heatwaves. But only 8% of Australia’s South-east marine region has sanctuary protection.

We’re fighting for increased marine sanctuary protection, but we can’t do it without your support.

Your generosity today will help the secure protections Australia’s South-east urgently needs. Can you chip in?

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Why do we need Marine sanctuaries?

Marine sanctuaries are areas protected from threats like overfishing, drilling for oil and gas and seismic blasting. They give marine life a much better chance of surviving and recovering from marine heatwaves.

Marine sanctuaries have been shown to increase resilience and recovery of marine life in the face of extreme weather. They give our oceans the best chance of survival in the face of heatwaves.

But only 8% of Australia’s South-east marine region has marine sanctuary protection.

Fight for marine sanctuaries