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Business sign on statement for a Sydney Marine Park

Will you join our list of businesses that support a marine park for Sydney?

By bringing local businesses together to endorse this statement, we believe the New South Wales Government will listen to common sense and show leadership and create a marine park for Sydney.

Please lend your support by adding your business name to this statement and encouraging other local businesses to do the same!

Businesses support a Sydney Marine Park

Dear Premier,

We support the protection of Sydney’s incredible marine environment in a world-class marine park. A Sydney Marine Park would help to preserve iconic species like the blue groper and weedy seadragon. It would support local businesses and recreational users like fishers and divers who rely on a healthy harbour and ocean. It would be an economic attraction to the Sydney region, encouraging tourism and enhancing Sydney’s wonderful coastal lifestyle.

A marine park bordering one of the world’s great cities would be recognised globally and be something for all of NSW to be proud of.

The marine environment between Newcastle and Shellharbour, including its rivers and estuaries, Sydney Harbour and Botany Bay, is a recognised gap in the NSW network of marine parks. Less than 7% of NSW waters are protected as fully protected marine sanctuaries, yet no formal sanctuaries exist in the Sydney region.

A Sydney Marine Park with marine sanctuaries at its core will ensure the management of our coast is coordinated and our valuable marine and coastal assets are protected for the future.

Marine parks have been shown to create economic opportunities for local businesses. They become important local attractions widely promoted by local tourism bodies and referenced in real estate advertisements. Living along-side a marine park and close to a marine sanctuary has become highly sought after.

A Sydney Marine Park makes sense for the local marine environment, has strong public support and will enhance recreational and business opportunities across the Sydney coastline.

As New South Wales business operators, we recognise the importance of protecting our marine environment to enhance our natural economic advantage, entice visitors to Australia and to the region, add value to local industries and benefit our local communities.

We, the undersigned, are local businesses, and we support a Sydney Marine Park. We call on the NSW Government to:

  • Commit to the establishment of a science based Sydney Marine Park by 2018, including a network of marine sanctuaries that are comprehensive, adequate and representative.
  • Engage in detailed community consultation to ensure the design of a Sydney Marine Park has the support of local communities and all users while ensuring the conservation of marine biodiversity.

How will this statement and your information be used?

This statement, its list of business signatories and your comments will be presented to the Premier of NSW, Minister for Environment and Minister for Primary Industries. The statement and its list of business signatories will also be released to the media. The contact details of each contact person will be treated confidentially and only be used to email you regarding this issue. They will not be released or passed on to other organisation.