Good Fish Project

The Good Fish Project is run by the Australian Marine Conservation Society. Its aim is to build a community of chefs, restaurateurs, fishers and fishmongers who are championing sustainable seafood for us all.

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About Good Fish Project

Our goal is healthy oceans forever. We believe abundant fish stocks are in all our interests to ensure we can have quality local seafood for generations to come. We love Australia’s restaurants and are calling on them to make a real difference through their day-to-day work and impact the way Australians catch and eat seafood.

The Good Fish Project will build upon the well loved consumer app, Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide, to create an additional Sustainable Restaurant Guide. Together, we will be your comprehensive source for trustworthy independent information regarding the consumption of seafood in Australia.

This new Sustainable Restaurant Guide is currently under construction along with work to relaunch the identity of our Sustainable Seafood Guide. In the meantime you can still access Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide.

Over 40 restaurants around Australia have already pledged to only serve sustainably sourced seafood on their menus!

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