Canvas Print ‘Solitude’




Solitude depicts a lone Reef Manta Ray, wings outstretched and effortlessly gliding through waters near Lady Elliot Island on the Southern Great Barrier Reef.

The majestic, giant, soaring eagles of ocean, Reef Manta Rays are listed as Vulnerable by the IUCN. Current threats include entanglement in fishing gear, and hunting in some Asian countries due to supposed health benefits of their gills claimed by traditional folk medicine.

High-quality canvas print stretched on a sustainable meranti hardwood frame that will not warp or crack in a humid environment. Perfect for the home or office, or an ideal gift.

This image has been signed by Justin Bruhn of Pure Underwater Imaging, and is available exclusively to AMCS supporters.

Other prints available: Humpback Whale mother & calf (Journey) and Green Turtle (Turquoise Drift).

Our canvas prints are custom made, the estimated delivery time is around 3 weeks.

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Size 24" x 16" (61cm x 41cm), Size 36" x 24" (91cm x 61cm), Size 48" x 32" (122cm x 81cm), Size 57" x 38" (144cm x 96cm)

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