Kellie Ireland

Operations Manager

Location: Brisbane

Born in Townsville, Kellie displayed a marked enthusiasm for conservation and animal welfare from an early age. She studied Environmental Science at James Cook University and completed a thesis on Brush Turkey behaviour in the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.

She has worked as an environmental scientist and was RSPCA Qld’s Director of Education for 6 years, engaging communities across the Pacific with humane education and animal welfare programs. Her work in Samoa, Papua New Guinea and Palau ignited her passion for protecting the marine environment.

Over the past 5 years Kellie honed her business management and community engagement skills as Executive Manager of Partnerships and Visitor Experience at State Library of Queensland. She forged innovative partnerships with organisations including Queensland Symphony Orchestra, Hubei Provincial Library and the School of Hard Knocks, and spear-headed a new approach to visitor engagement, resulting in a 99% client satisfaction rating.

Kellie also holds a degree in Creative Industries and is currently completing a Master of Education for Sustainability. She is delighted to be back “home” in the NFP arena and is keen to streamline AMCS operations to support our vital campaigns.