Jimmy Cordwell

Marine Campaigner

Location: Brisbane

Jimmy studied Environmental Conservation and has since worked in marine education and advocacy roles around the country.

There’s two major things Jimmy learnt from his travels. Firstly, how endlessly amazing and inspiring our natural world is, and that in using nature’s beauty we can inspire an increase to our knowledge of the world around us, building a stronger appreciation for it. Secondly, that everyone can make positive changes in their life to make a difference to our world. Whatever our origins, everyone has the choice to take the little steps that lead to huge positive changes around them.

Every day he wakes with the coast on his mind, be it camping out on beaches and diving in sub-tropical Queensland, or trawling through pages laced with natural photography and inspiring words. Jimmy hopes to inspire everyone and anyone to be a little wiser about what’s great about our world: the beauty around us, and everything in it that really worth protecting.

You can learn more about Jimmy on his Instagram or at jimmynails.net.