Jennie Oceans

Jennie Oceans from Keep Top End Coasts Healthy

NT Marine Community Campaigner

Location: Darwin

Jennie grew up on the east coast of NSW where her family enjoyed regular Christmas holidays at the Myall Lakes National Park. Growing up so closely connected to the bush and the sea shaped her life from a young age.

Jennie studied zoology and geology at university whilst working at the Australian Reptile Park for 4 years. Her time on the lakes in the ’80s ensured Jennie learned all the water sports at the time, especially windsurfing.

She continued to windsurf in her later years which took her on her first holiday to Fiji. Overnight, the wind swept her away to follow a career in water sports tourism, coaching, and competition.

As founder and managing director of Australia’s leading kitesurfing tour company, Jennie oversaw its operation across 5 locations around the world for 17 years, including at the spectacular Cocos Islands and a collaborative venture with a local Indigenous community in the Torres Strait.

Motivated by the environmental damage witnessed in Newcastle Harbour, the Cocos Islands, and the recent East Coast bushfires, she has joined the AMCS to help fight for a healthier planet and cleaner ocean for us all to play in.