Garrett Swearingen

Garrett Swearingen

Great Barrier Reef Community Campaigner

Location: Cairns

From an early age Garrett has been captivated by the natural world. Growing up in Sydney he treasured family camping trips to the bush beyond the city. Although he has long been aware of the many environmental crises Australia faces, his early interest focussed on individual change, only more recently realising the power of community organising. 

At age 18 Garrett moved to Cairns to study Environmental Practice at James Cook University. He became involved in the School Strike movement and the 2019 Federal Election. Following the Federal election he co-founded the Cairns Australian Youth Climate Coalition, which remains a powerful force for climate justice in Cairns today. Garrett also co-founded the Cairns Australian Religious Response to Climate Change which represents a growing number of Cairns faith groups. 

During the 2020 Queensland Election he worked as North Queensland Organiser for the Australian Youth Climate Coalition. He supported volunteers and engaged politicians during the election campaign, which secured a $500 million investment in publicly owned renewables and a further $145 million for renewable energy zones across the state. 

Now working on the Great Barrier Reef campaign Garrett is excited to use his existing connections to continue building a movement in Cairns for the protection of our Reef.