Emma Morgan

Emma Morgan Photo

Major Relationship Specialist

Location: Melbourne

Emma has always had a love of the water, through her childhood and adolescence she was a state champion swimmer.  Her passion for the ocean carried throughout her life, leading her to many travels involving snorkelling which then progressed to scuba diving.  In 2010 she did her advanced certificate through PADI and saw a whale shark on her 7th dive.  Through this time she immersed herself in all things ocean related and learnt about the issues facing our marine environment.  In late 2011 while on a deep scuba dive in the Galapagos Islands, where she had traveled to witness hammerhead sharks on mass.  She noticed that once where there were hundreds of these majestic creatures, there were only a handful to be seen.  It was during this trip that she vowed to contribute to the conservation of our ocean wildlife.

Her fundraising career began in conservation, where she spent many of her early years working for The Wilderness Society.  Emma then went on to work in fundraising for the not for profit sector for a further 15 years before finding her way to Australian Marine Conservation Society, where she can combine her career and passion for the Marine environment.