David Cazzulino

Great Barrier Reef Campaigner

Location: Brisbane

David was born and raised in Cairns. Growing up visiting the Great Barrier Reef with his family, David knows the unique beauty of our Reef and how much communities depend on healthy corals for their livelihood. David has dual degrees in Arts/Laws from the University of Queensland and four years of community campaigning experience with the Australian Youth Climate Coalition before he joined AMCS in 2017.

David has been part of the fight to protect our Reef since 2013 when he first heard about plans to unlock the Galilee basin and industrialise our Reef. He has seen the power of people coming together to stop three mega coal port expansions and secure a ban on capital dredge spoil dumping in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.

In Cairns, he brought together Traditional Owners, tourism operators and community members to oppose the $1 billion public loan to Adani and put climate change, our Reef’s biggest threat, firmly on the political agenda. Now in Brisbane, David works with the Reef team across Queensland to push for the changes our Reef needs to have the best chance for the future.

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