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  • 80% of marine life found in South Australia's waters are found no where else on Earth

    80% of marine life found in South Australia's waters are found no where else on Earth

South Australia Network of State Marine Parks

In November 2012, the Premier of South Australia the Hon Jay Weatherill MP and Minister for Environment the Hon Paul Caica MP announced a network of 19 new marine parks for South Australia. This historic announcement resulted in 2.6 million square kilometres - 44% of the state’s waters – to be managed as marine parks. Of this approximately 6% of these waters are fully protected in marine sanctuary zones.

This was a long process, with decades of research and community consultation and on October 1st 2014 these marine parks were due to come into effect. Feeding and breeding areas for species like the leafy sea dragon and Australian sea lion and iconic dive sites like Neptune Islands were finally due to receive long overdue protection. 

But in a last minute attempt to gut the new marine parks network, the South Australian Opposition introduced legislation to remove 12 of the most important marine sanctuaries - ripping the heart out of the new network. The fate of these marine sanctuaries rested with just one Independent Member of the South Australian Parliament, who voted with the Government to defeat the bill.

The South Australian network of marine parks and sanctuaries is now in place and already delivery positive signs for our marine life and way of life. 

The fate of our marine sanctuaries now rests with just two Independent Members of the South Australian Parliament, Martin Hamilton-Smith and Geoff Brock. We need them to vote against the new legislation.

Please take the time to contact both of these MP and show them that you support South Australia's sanctuaries

Hon Martin Hamilton-Smith MP
Member for Waite / Minister for Investment and Trade, Defence and Veterans’ Affairs
PO Box 275, TORRENS PARK SA 5062
Ph: 8271 6448

Hon Geoff Brock MP
Member for Frome / Minister for Regional Development, Local Government
PO Box 519, Port Pirie SA 5540
863 Ph: 836331210

For more information about South Australia's marine park network visit the South Australian Government’s website here.