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Label My Fish

Australia's seafood labelling laws are weak, and we often don't know what we're really eating.

AMCS have been calling for improvements in seafood labelling for a decade. It’s clear that Australians want to do the right thing and choose sustainable seafood, but our current seafood labelling system means we are generally fishing in the dark.

Shark, sold as ‘flake’ and popular in fish and chip shops, could be anything from Australian caught gummy shark to a threatened species of shark.

As the public cannot tell if they are buying from seafood producers fishing with an eye on the future, it’s harder for sustainable fishers to reap the market rewards.

Label My Fish is a new campaign, designed to see Australian laws changed to require more information on seafood labels. These simple and inexpensive reforms are long overdue, and give us an opportunity to take our labelling laws into the 21st century, so the public can know what they are really buying.

Specifically the campaign wants to give the public the right to know:

  1. What species of fish is it?
  2. Where is it from?
  3. How was it caught or farmed?

Demand accurate labelling now