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  • We are Australia's only national charity dedicated solely to protecting our precious ocean wildlife. Join us as a Sea Guardian and help save the seas today.

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Love your seafood but also love our oceans? We are proud to offer Australia's first online sustainability guide to seafood.

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Sea Guardians are the lifeblood of AMCS. They are the wind in our sails, and help us plan for long term, strategic conservation campaigns.

For as little as 66c a day, you can help us continue our critical work to combat overfishing, create marine sanctuaries, and protect our endangered marine life like whales, sea turtles and dugongs.

All Sea Guardian donations are 100% tax-deductible. When you join up we send you a Sea Guardian pack to welcome you aboard.

Join as one of our treasured Sea Guardians today and together we will make a difference for our little blue planet tomorrow.

Bernard Fanning, lead singer of Powderfinger and AMCS Sea Guardian

Bernard Fanning, lead singer of Powderfinger and AMCS Sea Guardian"I am a supporter of the Australian Marine Conservation Society because, like most of us, I feel a real connection with our oceans. We need organisations like AMCS who are dedicated to protecting our precious coasts and seas."
Bernard Fanning.

Powderfinger band members are regular supporters of AMCS. Fanning has been a Sea Guardian and vocal supporter for over a decade.

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