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Tue 6 June 2017

The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) today described the Adani Board’s decision as a charade and a national disgrace, given that it still has no investor funding and our Great Barrier Reef is in such grave danger. 

In the last two years our Great Barrier Reef has suffered two back to back coral bleaching events which have killed nearly half of its shallow water corals. The last thing our Reef needs is a monstrous coal mine that will release 4.7 billion tonnes of carbon pollution over its lifespan.  

“Most Australians believe the state of our Reef is a national emergency and would be appalled at the Queensland Premier and Prime Minister putting a dirty coal mine before the survival of our Reef and the 70,000 jobs that depend on it,” said Imogen Zethoven, AMCS Fight For Our Reef Campaign Director. 

“Make no mistake, the private funding required to advance this mine is still absent. Banks and investors realize this project won’t stack up financially and will seriously damage their reputations given its impact on our Reef. 

“No banks will touch it. The public doesn’t want it. The mine is dangerous, dirty and will spell disaster for our Great Barrier Reef and the $6 billion it generates each year. Adani has no social licence to operate in Australia.  

“Carbon pollution from burning coal is the largest single source of global warming. Australia must rapidly transition away from dirty fossil fuels to 100% clean renewable energy as a matter of urgency and stop courting this dirty mine,” Ms Zethoven said.

So far 1.5 million Australians have signed on to reject this mine through the Stop Adani Alliance. |


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