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Media Release: Adani's shocking history of failure to comply with environmental law is evidence of Great Barrier Reef is at risk

Wed 15 February 2017

Cargo Ship MV Rak Carrier was carrying 60,000 tonnes of coal for Adani Enterprise Limited (AEL) when it sank.

Cargo Ship MV Rak Carrier was carrying 60,000 tonnes of coal for Adani Enterprise Limited (AEL) when it sank.

The Adani Group has a history of environmental destruction that could lead to irreversible damage to our Great Barrier Reef and disrupt local communities down the Reef coastline, the Australian Marine Conservation Society said today.

AMCS was commenting on an investigation released by Environmental Justice Australia into the Adani Group’s business practices.

The Adani Brief is based on hundreds of court documents. It reveals an alarming history of failure to comply with environmental laws by the mining giant”, AMCS Great Barrier Reef Campaign Director Imogen Zethoven said.

“Adani is seeking to build one of the world’s biggest new coal mines in Queensland’s Galilee Basin. Adani’s Carmichael Coal Mine and Rail Project will hugely increase threats to our Reef from deadly coal spills, toxic pollution, dredging the seafloor, and more.

“Most significantly, it is also set to produce 60 million tons of coal a year for 60 years – which when burnt will measuredly exacerbate global warming leading to the warming of our oceans, more frequent and severe coral bleaching and mortality and ocean acidification.

“After the severe coral bleaching event in 2016, it is beyond belief that governments could approve this mine in full knowledge that it will accelerate the destruction of the Reef, and the 70,000 jobs that depend on it”, Ms Zethoven said.

“The Adani Brief uncovers a litany of tragic events, including a giant oil and coal spill, the illegal clearing of protected lands and the destruction of habitats.

“Most appalling is a massive spill of oil and 60,054 metric tons of coal when a ship sank 20 miles off the coast of Mumbai – which Adani did not clean up for five years. The devastating spill polluted local beaches and caused serious damage to tourism, leading to Adani being fined the equivalent of $975,000 in court.

“Could our Great Barrier Reef face similar threats if this project were to become a reality?

“The Adani Brief provides clear evidence that we must not leave our precious Reef in the hands of Adani. Allowing Adani to mine and burn millions of tonnes of coal is signing a death warrant for our Reef, still suffering from last year’s bleaching event.”

“With a proven track record of complete disregard for our oceans - devastating beaches, mangroves, tourism, human health and local livelihoods - we cannot allow Adani to continue with the Carmichael project – and knowingly put our Reef at risk.”

“The solution is clear: AMCS calls on the federal and Queensland governments to read the Adani Brief and the suite of publicly released court documents, and carry out their duty to protect the Australian people, Queensland economy and Great Barrier Reef from such obvious danger by cancelling the Carmichael project.”

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