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One billion tax payer dollars to fund Adani's coal mine and sign death knell for our Reef

Sat 3 December 2016


The Australian Marine Conservation Society has today expressed grave concerns for the future of the Great Barrier Reef if the federal government goes ahead with its conditional loan approval for a rail corridor between the Carmichael mine and Abbot Point on the World Heritage area coastline, as reported in the Courier Mail today.

The $1B funding has reportedly been set aside from the Northern Australian Infrastructure Fund (NAIF), which has given the $2.2 billion project conditional approval, according to the report. 

AMCS Great Barrier Reef campaign director, Imogen Zethoven AO, said:

“Just a day after releasing its report to the World Heritage Committee saying that climate change was the single biggest threat to the Reef, we learn that the federal government is planning to lend a whopping one billion dollars of taxpayers’ money to a project that will super charge climate change and sound the death knell for our Reef.”

“A poll just released yesterday commissioned by AMCS and WWF Australia shows that more than two thirds of Australians believe the condition of the Reef should be declared a ‘national emergency’.

“The same poll found that more than three quarters of Australians think Adani’s Carmichael coal mine will have some or a major impact on the Reef if it is allowed to go ahead. 

“Poll after poll has shown that Australians do not support their money being used to prop up foreign owned mining companies such as Adani.

“The government is totally out of touch with public opinion on this issue.”

“The Northern Australian Infrastructure Fund should be investing in clean renewable job-rich energy that is safe for the Reef and doesn’t jeopardise the 69,000 jobs down the Reef coastline that rely on a healthy Reef.

“This news today shows yet again that big coal mining interests have too much power over the government.

“Going ahead with this rail link would see a mega coal terminal built at Abbot Point, which is close to the Whitsundays, the sailing gateway to the Reef.  Dredging would happen in fragile areas home to threatened turtles, dugong and inshore dolphins.

“The government’s credibility on protecting the Reef would be shattered if this loan to foreign billionaire Adani were to be confirmed,” said Zethoven.

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