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Thanks for your legacy, a message from Tim Winton

Thanks for your legacy, a message from Tim Winton

Wed 3 July 2013

Great news! Despite choppy waters in Canberra the forecast looks brighter for our seas. Just before rising for the winter break, Australia's Parliament got it spectacularly right on marine protection. Thanks to our hard work, they voted to support the largest network of marine parks in the world!

This simply wouldn’t have happened without so many Australians speaking up for our seas. That’s people like you. So, a big thanks. You have made a big difference. You've ensured a brighter future for our ocean and the wonderful wildlife within.

Renowned author and AMCS patron, Tim Winton, has a special message for you below. Take a minute to watch it. It will make you happy!

Parliamentarians from across the board have supported the push for more protection for years.

But we’ve all witnessed how quickly the tide can turn in Canberra. If we want to keep the parks in place, it’s vital that our MPs know how much they mean to us. A positive response today will keep marine parks in the sea tomorrow.

Please send a quick ‘Thank You’ to your local MP.

Don’t leave them with any doubt about how much you care. Say thanks, and protect it forever.


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