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Citizen Reef

09 September 2019, The Project, Network Ten

The Great Barrier Reef is dying: new report downgrades its outlook to “very poor”

31 August 2019, Newsweek

Great Barrier Reef Outlook is “very poor”

31 August 2019, BBC News

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef in “very poor” condition: agency

31 August 2019, Reuters

Reef outlook “very poor”

31 August 2019, The Australian

Great Barrier Reef long-term outlook ‘very poor’, Federal Government reef report finds

31 August 2019, ABC News 

Only 10% of sugarcane growers in reef catchment properly managing runoff

30 August 2019, Guardian Australia

Australia pressures Unesco over impact of climate change on Great Barrier Reef

29 August 2019, Guardian Australia

‘Hero for the Planet’ picks Exmouth Gulf for global publicity campaign

22 August 2019, WA Today

The Shark Show – what do we know? What should we know?

17 August 2019, It’s Just Not Cricket, ABC Radio National

Great Barrier Reef run-off rules riles farmers

10 August 2019, The Australian

COAG agenda covers Great Barrier Reef, infrastructure and recycling

09 August 2019, Cairns Post

Warming waters killing Great Barrier Reef faster than expected

09 August 2019, ABC Radio National, AM

Shark nets catching non-target species

05 August 2019, Sydney Morning Herald

Sugarcane farmers label scientific consensus on reef ‘unsubstantiated scaremongering’

01 August 2019, Guardian Australia

‘Cut greenhouse gases quickly’ to save reef

19 July 2019, The Australian

Great Barrier Reef authority urges ‘fastest possible action’ on emissions

19 July 2019, Guardian Australia

Traditional Owner knowledge pivotal to protecting Great Barrier Reef

17 July 2019, National Indigenous Times

‘What the hell?’ Man’s morbid act after catching tiny hammerhead shark

17 July 2019, Yahoo News Australia

Health check finds Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is in trouble

11 July 2019, 9 News

Great Barrier Reef hard coral cover close to record lows

11 July 2019, Guardian Australia

Carmichael approval a death-knell for the Great Barrier Reef

08 July 2019, Down to Earth (India)

Defend whales from Japan

04 July 2019, The Australian

Japan restarts commercial whaling after 31 years

01 July 2019, Financial Times

Japan renews whaling after 30 years

01 July 2019, Triple J Hack, ABC Radio

Demand for whale meat is down. So why did Japan just resume commercial whaling?

01 July 2019, USA Today

Fears northern Australian mangrove forests could ‘drown’ due to rising seas

01 July 2019, ABC News

Humpback whale freed from shark nets in delicate rescue off Broadbeach

27 June 2019, ABC News

Campaign kicks off to make Great Barrier Reef an Australian citizen

26 June 2019, SBS News

Whale food shortage to blame for mass deaths in US

18 June 2019, The World Today, ABC Radio National

Seahorses Under Threat Because of Human Sex Treatment

15 June 2019, 10 Daily

Australia, in a Victory for Coal, Clears the Way for a Disputed Mine

13 June 2019, The New York Times

Adani mine: Australia approves controversial coal project

13 June 2019, BBC News

“My Passion To Protect The Ocean” – three incredible women talk about their determination to preserve our sea life

30 May 2019, Primer

Australian state leader calls for timeline on Adani coal mine approvals

23 May 2019, Reuters

Coral bleaching event underway in French Polynesia despite no El Nino

21 May 2019, ABC, Science

‘Vote for the climate’: NSW demands environmental short film’s removal from internet

18 May 2019, Guardian Australia

30 Sharks from Australia have died in a French Aquarium

15 May 2019, ABC, Triple J Hack

Thirty sharks captured on Great Barrier Reef died in captivity at French aquarium

15 May 2019, 9 News Digital, Guardian Australia

Thirty sharks captured on barrier reef and exported to France all died in captivity

15 May 2019, Guardian Australia

PM’s claim Coalition saved reef from nonexistent ‘endangered list’ condemned as ‘ridiculous’

13 May 2019, Guardian Australia

Conservationists call for ‘true ban’ on super trawlers

07 May 2019, ABC Radio National, AM

Supertrawlers have Aust ‘in their sights’

07 May 2019, SBS News – and other outlets

Plastic pollution features in Australian election

02 May 2019, Plastics News

‘A bigger responsibility’: why sustainable seafood is close to Ben Shewry’s heart

01 May 2019, Guardian Australia

20 April 2019, Sky News Australia

Sustainable seafood on the menu at Australia’s top restaurants

18 April, 2019 – ProBono Australia

Australia’s top restaurants pledge to serve only sustainable seafood

18 April, 2019 – Guardian Australia

What fish should you eat this Easter?

16 April, 2019 – Taste, The Courier-Mail

Pro shark groups blame Palaszczuk government for shark fishing in Great Barrier Reef

11 April, 2019 – The Courier-Mail

Grey nurse sharks discovered in NT waters could be genetic lifeline for species

06 April, 2019 – ABC News 

Japan’s war on whales isn’t over – the Australian government must keep fighting

02 April, 2019 – Guardian Australia

Plastic Plan: Bill Shorten will ban single use plastic bags and micro-beads

31 March, 2019 – Nine News

Is your favourite seafood sustainable? Here’s how to find out

23 March, 2019 – ABC Radio National

Shocking photos show dead sharks made to ‘suffer and die’ on baited hooks

20 March, 2019 – The Mirror, UK

Popular shark deterrent actually a great white nope

19 March, 2019 – The Courier-Mail

Threat of sediment runoff to Great Barrier Reef worse than thought

12 March, 2019 – Brisbane Times

Experts warn we’re killing our oceans — and it starts with what you eat

12 March, 2019 –

How to swap out your seafood for more sustainable choices

11 March, 2019 – SBS Food

Scientists, conservation groups welcome senators’ call for Great Barrier Reef cash to be returned

15 February, 2019 – SBS News

Calls for inquiry as Adani confirms it released contaminated water

12 February, 2019 – Guardian Australia