Sydney University, Eastern Avenue Lecture Theatre April 6 6:00 - 8:00pm

Murder on the Reef Doco Screening + Sydney University Premiere Screening

Join us at the screening of award-winning documentary Murder on the Reef. The film will be followed by Q&A session.

When: Saturday 6 April 6pm
Where: Sydney University, Eastern Avenue Lecture Theatre 315
Cost: $12.00

10% of ticket sales will be donated to AMCS!

In Murder on the Reef, ex-Chernobyl scientist Dr Allen Dobrovolsky takes us on a compelling journey into the heart of the issue, meeting with the everyday people and communities who rely on the Reef.

Speaking with scientists, indigenous leaders, local politicians, tourism operators and mining contractors, Allen explores the underlying causes stalling effective action on restoring the Reef.

Panellists for the Q&A session: 
Dr Allen Dobrovolsky, Producer/Environmental Scientist
Stay tuned – the rest TBC!

Murder on the Reef sold out at our Brisbane screening last year, so buy your tickets now!