Zoom July 7 12:30 - 1:30pm

FACT CHECK: Reef World Heritage in Danger?

What does it mean that UNESCO has recommended our Reef go on the List of World Heritage in Danger? Was China involved, or due process not followed, as the Australian government is saying?
Join our Reef experts to cut through the bluster in this special interactive webinar and Q&A.

Right now, the Australian government is trying to discredit UNESCO’s independent recommendation to list the Reef as ‘in danger’ at the upcoming World Heritage Committee. This decision cited the Australian government’s own scientific reports and follows three mass bleachings in the last five years.

Australians are sick of the spin. It’s time for bold action for our Reef. Will international pressure finally make this government listen?

Tune into our webinar with marine scientist and campaigner, Dr Lissa Schindler, and Reef campaigner David Cazzulino to get a better understanding of UNESCO’s decision, our government’s response to it, and what you can do to help.

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