Australian Election 2019

This is the climate election and the future of our oceans is at stake.

At the 2019 Australian Federal Election on Saturday 18 May, our votes will determine the future for our Great Barrier Reef and our fragile oceans. If we act in these critical weeks we have a chance to Stop Adani, secure a renewable energy future and even get plastics out of our oceans.
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Download Vote For Our Reef Election Poster (A3)
Download Vote For Our Reef Election Poster (A4)

australian federal election 2019 - climate change poster

Download Make Our Climate Cool Again (A3)
Download Make Our Climate Cool Again (A4)

australian federal election 2019 poster - protect our great barrier reef

Download Protect Reef Wildlife (A3)
Download Protect Reef Wildlife (A4)

Australian Federal Election 2019 poster - plastic pollution

Download I want our seas plastic free (A3)
Download I want our seas plastic free (A4)

Can you tell me who should I vote for?

No - but we can tell you how their ocean policies stack up. Subscribe to receive the latest election news and policy scorecard from our independent, science based campaign team.

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The Australian Marine Conservation Society is a science based, non-partisan conservation organisation. We do not endorse parties or direct people how to vote. We offer independent assessment and analysis of the parties’ policies by the AMCS, and campaign news on the latest developments in the issues affecting our oceans.