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  • It's time to let them be. Take action to end Japanese whaling.

    Take action to end Japanese whaling

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Take action to end Japanese whaling

On 7th December 2013 the Japanese whaling fleet left port heading south to begin its 26th consecutive year of so-called “scientific research” in the Southern Ocean. In their sights - a planned hunt of almost 1000 minke and fin whales.

Last June the Australian Government began its long awaited legal case against Japanese whaling in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague. The Government of Japan was in the dock, and that’s where their whaling fleet should have stayed. The ICJ is yet to hand down their findings about Japan’s deeply controversial whaling program, but Japan has sent its whaling fleet regardless.

Over the last 25 years more than 10,000 whales have been killed by Japan in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary in the name of science. Support for and consumption of whale meat have long been declining in Japan. It is time that the Government of Japan caught up with public opinion in their own country and across the globe.

Please take action and send the letter below to Japan's Ambassador in Australia. Please add your own comments. Please do be passionate, but also please be respectful.

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