Jason Fowler

NT Marine Campaign Coordinator

Location: Darwin

Jason grew up the wild northwest of WA and spent more time on the ocean than on land. An avid fisherman, diver and surfer he has worked on fishing and pearling boats from Cape York to Fremantle. He has witnessed first hand the enormous pressure we have put on marine life and decided to act.

After obtaining a marine biology/aquaculture degree from James Cook University, Jason worked in cetacean research in the Kimberley and with the BBC filming Blue Planet 2 as skipper and guide.

He spent 6 years with Environs Kimberley and the Pew charitable trusts campaigning for the Great Kimberley Marine Park. This involved many sailing expeditions, taking film crews and scientists into Australia’s most remote coast to build the case for protection.

After much success in the Kimberley he has sailed to Darwin to begin campaigning in the Northern Territory.