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Seafood Labelling inquiry a missed opportunity to support Australian fishers, protect oceans

Seafood Labelling inquiry a missed opportunity to support Australian fishers, protect oceans

Fri 19 December 2014
The recommendation of a Senate Committee Inquiry into seafood labelling represents a necessary improvement but would still leave Australian consumers without the information they need to make informed choices about the seafood they buy, according to the Label My Fish Alliance*.

Government confirms importance of marine sanctuaries, but must restore all

Fri 19 December 2014
Conservation groups have cautiously welcomed the Baird government’s decision to restore full protection to 21 of the state’s marine sanctuaries, but are troubled that the level of protection for 13 others will be subject to further review.

Another international bank dumps Queensland’s mine, rail and port expansion that threatens Great Barrier Reef

Mon 8 December 2014
The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) has welcomed Societe Generale’s decision to withdraw involvement in the Alpha coal mine, putting investment in port and rail infrastructure at Abbot Point in doubt.

Environmentalist: State Govt 'arrogant' over Abbot Point

Mon 8 December 2014
AN ENVIRONMENTAL campaigner has slammed a State Government move to ask dredging companies for information on how they would complete the Abbot Point dredging project as "arrogant".

Conservationists remain unconvinced about dredge spoil dumping plans

Fri 5 December 2014
Conservationists say they are still not convinced plans to expand a north Queensland coal port will not affect the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Abbot Point plan open for public comment

Thu 4 December 2014
A Queensland government plan to dump millions of cubic metres of dredged seabed on wetlands as part of a project to expand a coal port has been released for public comment.

Fast tracked Reef mega port could be approved by Christmas

Thu 4 December 2014
The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) has today expressed concern that the new dredging and dumping plans for Abbot Point are being fast tracked and could be approved by Christmas.

New Reef safety measures welcome but more needed to keep the Reef safe

Tue 2 December 2014
The Australian Marine Conservation Society has welcomed the introduction of a two-way shipping route through the Great Barrier Reef that has the potential to improve safety by keeping ships separated on their way through the Reef’s waters.

Newman government puts mining ahead of Reef and well-being of Queensland, again

Mon 1 December 2014
The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) has expressed alarm at the extent to which the Queensland government is putting the interests of the mining sector over the interests of ordinary Queenslanders and the Great Barrier Reef.

Newman reef claims worry conservationists

Sat 29 November 2014
Conservationists have dismissed a claim by the Queensland premier that the Great Barrier Reef is in a healthy state.

Ports bill will not impact existing developments

Thu 27 November 2014
PROPOSED new ports laws will not stop dredging inside declared port zones within the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.

Proposed Ports Bill won’t satisfy World Heritage Committee concerns about the Great Barrier Reef

Wed 26 November 2014
The Ports Bill introduced to Queensland Parliament yesterday will have serious ramifications for the protection of the Great Barrier Reef and does nothing to meet the World Heritage Committee’s recommendations for protecting our most precious natural icon, says the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

Qld ports plan introduced in parliament

Wed 26 November 2014
Dredging will be banned outside five major ports along the Queensland coast under a government plan introduced in parliament.

City leaders disappointed by ABC closure

Tue 25 November 2014
GLADSTONE leaders are disappointed by the ABC's decision to close its Gladstone radio post.

Big four banks under pressure to rule out funding Queensland coal projects

Tue 25 November 2014
Australia’s largest banks are coming under pressure from environmental groups not to fund huge coal projects in central Queensland, amid accusations the government is encouraging financial institutions to back the new mines.

Tiger shark caught in drum line at Yeppoon

Tue 25 November 2014
The Australian Marine Conservation Society has called for an end to shark nets and drum lines after a Tiger shark died in Central Queensland.

Media Release: Matthew Evans, QLD fishers and chefs call for accurate seafood labelling

Tue 25 November 2014
With a Federal government inquiry into seafood labelling due to report on 4 December, farmer, chef and author Matthew Evans says clearer labelling of Queensland seafood will benefit local fishers, chefs and the environment.

Reef respect needs to be earned

Tue 25 November 2014
The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) has today advised the Australian government that if it wants to be respected for protecting the Great Barrier Reef, it is going to have to earn it.

ABC Gladstone – responsible for dredging up truth about Port of Gladstone disaster – will be greatly missed says AMCS

Tue 25 November 2014
The Australian Marine Conservation Society condemns the closure of ABC Gladstone announced today as part of sweeping cuts to ABC services nationwide.

Queensland government shouldn’t shoot “Messenger” Obama over Reef strife

Fri 21 November 2014
The Queensland Government’s fury at President Obama’s remarks on the increasing threats to the Great Barrier Reef reported in today’s Australian shows its blatant disregard for the Reef’s future according to the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

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