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Media Release: International Court of Justice Ruling Enshrined into Whaling Commission

Thu 18 September 2014
The International Whaling Commission (IWC) today passed a crucial Resolution on the International Court of Justice ruling that Japan’s ‘scientific whaling’ program in the Antarctic was illegal. The Resolution was proposed by New Zealand and supported by Australia.

Japan rejects Australian, NZ, attempt to rein in whale hunt

Thu 18 September 2014
Japan has rejected an attempt by anti-whaling nations, including Australia, to clamp down on its controversial Antarctic "research" kill.

Dredge dumping at Abbot Point is a win for foreign mining companies but not the Reef: AMCS

Thu 18 September 2014
Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney’s comments that dumping on the wetlands at Abbot Point is a win-win for the environment and the economy demonstrate the disregard the Queensland government has for the Great Barrier Reef, according to the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS).

Ministers’ desperate dash to stop humiliating danger listing

Wed 17 September 2014
ENVIRONMENT ministers Greg Hunt and Andrew Powell have flown to Europe for secret talks to stop the Great Barrier Reef being ­declared “in danger” by world heritage watchdogs.

Japan makes new push for 'scientific' whale hunt

Wed 17 September 2014
Japan's scientific whaling program is back in the spotlight this week. The country is fronting the International Whaling Commission with a new plan to hunt whales in the Southern Ocean.

Struggle to rein in Japan's plans for a new 'scientific' whaling program

Wed 17 September 2014
An international struggle is under way over attempts to rein in Japan's plans for a new Antarctic lethal whaling "research" program.

Great Barrier Reef Plan Not Good Enough, Conservationists Say

Tue 16 September 2014
Australia announced Monday its 35-year plan to save the Great Barrier Reef, which is under threat as a result of climate change, but some conservationists are saying that this is not good enough.

Media Release: Southern Ocean whaling back on the table as International Whaling Commission meets

Mon 15 September 2014
The International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting starts today amid mounting controversy over the Government of Japan’s plans to restart whaling in the Southern Ocean, according to the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS).

Great Barrier Reef plan 'like saving a sinking ship with a thimble'

Mon 15 September 2014
It's the 35-year plan designed to stave off UNESCO's 'in danger' rating and save the reef, but conservationists are already doubting it will work.

Australian Marine Conservation Society's Darren Kindleysides discusses this week's International Whaling Commission meeting

Mon 15 September 2014
Japan is set to unveil the details of its new plan to hunt whales in the Southern Ocean at this week's meeting of the International Whaling Commission in Slovenia.

Draft Reef 2050 plan fails the crucial challenge to fix Reef health

Mon 15 September 2014
The Australian Marine Conservation Society said today that the government’s Reef 2050 plan fails to deliver what’s required to deal with the threats to the Reef from rapid industrialisation.

Australia drives home whaling win at global summit

Mon 15 September 2014
Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt has moved to lock in the International Court of Justice's decision against Japan's Antarctic kill, in the first global summit on whaling since Australia's win.

New reef management plan doesn't go far enough: conservationists

Mon 15 September 2014
The Queensland and Australian Governments have released their plan to safeguard the Great Barrier Reef, but conservationists say it doesn't go nearly far enough.

Great Barrier Reef Plan Isn't Enough, Conservationists Say

Mon 15 September 2014
Australia released a 35-year plan to save the Great Barrier Reef on Monday as it attempts to stave off threats by the United Nations to add one of the country's top tourist attractions to its list of at-risk World Heritage sites.

Environmentalists criticise Australia reef protection plan

Mon 15 September 2014
Environmentalists criticised a new Australian government plan released Monday to protect the Great Barrier Reef in the face of UN concerns, saying it will not do enough to halt the marine park's decline

"Aspirational" reef plan met with skepticism over resourcing

Mon 15 September 2014
THE overarching plan to reverse the decline of the Great Barrier Reef by 2050 has been met with scepticism from environmental groups concerned not enough resources are being thrown at the reef's problems.

Japanese whaling: Japan to unveil redesigned Southern Ocean program following International Court of Justice ruling

Sun 14 September 2014
Japan is expected to unveil the details of its new plan to hunt whales in the Southern Ocean when it fronts the International Whaling Commission in Slovenia next week.

Great Barrier Reef could be saved by governments’ sea change

Sat 13 September 2014
THERE is a keen sense of history and irony to events that have unfolded along the Great Barrier Reef since the Abbott government took office facing a hostile World Heritage Committee and a determined pro-development state of Queensland.

Marine reserves ditched despite tide of research

Sat 13 September 2014
Over the past 18 months, both federal and NSW governments have abandoned protective marine zones or sanctuaries.

Problems for wetland from potential dumping

Sat 13 September 2014
A REPORT released by environmental group, the Australian Marine Conservation Society claims the Caley Valley wetlands, near Bowen will be at risk if dredge spoil from the Abbot Point expansion is dumped there.

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