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Media Release: AMCS welcomes new research showing positive results of South Australia’s new marine parks

Fri 2 October 2015
A study undertaken a year after a network of marine parks was put in place in South Australia shows there is a negligible impact on commercial fishing and jobs, and an increase in recreational fishing participation rates. The study also shows the majority of locals supported marine parks.

Friend of the late Felicity Wishart to take over her role

Thu 1 October 2015
AT THE HELM: Imogen Zethoven is Australian Marine Conservation Society’s new Great Barrier Reef campaign director.

No economic reason to expand Abbot Point with plummeting coal prices, global warming and industrialisation threatening the Reef

Wed 30 September 2015
The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) has said there was no economic reason to expand new coal ports that would damage the Great Barrier Reef when coal prices were plummeting and the Reef was under threat from industrialisation and global warming.

MEDIA RELEASE Conservation groups welcome NSW Shark Summit and call for removal of shark nets

Tue 29 September 2015
Humane Society International (HSI), Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS), NoSharkCull NSW, SEA LIFE Trust, Sea Shepherd Australia, Australian Professional Ocean Lifeguard Association (APOLA) and Australian Aerial Patrol (AAP) have welcomed the opportunity to participate in the NSW Government's Shark Summit today. The summit will investigate technologies for bather protection.

Coal is dying say Goldman Sachs but it could still wreck the Reef

Tue 29 September 2015
The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) has today pointed to reports from Goldman Sachs that coal is in ‘terminal decline’ as further evidence of the problems associated with the mining and burning of coal for the Great Barrier Reef.

Experts gather for shark summit

Tue 29 September 2015
As international experts gather in Sydney today for a shark summit, a new study shows the majority of residents in the north of the state are opposed to culling.

Abbot Point will harm Reef turtle population: new report

Mon 28 September 2015
The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) has renewed calls for Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt to reject the Abbot Point Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) following a new report found that the area is a hotspot for marine turtles.

Most oppose denying environmental groups charity status, says poll

Fri 25 September 2015
Voters have overwhelmingly rebuffed the government's so-called "vendetta" on green groups, with new polling showing 70 per cent oppose any move to deny charity status to environment groups.

Josh Frydenberg warned not to use taxpayer money to fund Adani’s sinking Carmichael project

Wed 23 September 2015
The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) has today warned new Resources and Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg that using taxpayer money to prop up Adani’s Carmichael coal project is an extremely risky move.

Water Quality Announcement welcomed, but Govt must stop industrialisation to protect Reef

Wed 23 September 2015
The Australian Marine Conservation Society has welcomed the Federal Government’s Tropical Water Quality Hub announcement today that will see a $140 million dollar Reef Trust but warned that industrialisation and global warming still need to be addressed in the long term interests of the Reef.

Reef needs real action not wasted taxpayer money spent on overseas lobbying

Fri 18 September 2015
The Australian Marine Conservation Society has today criticised reports the Federal government spent more than $400,000 lobbying to keep the Great Barrier Reef off the UNESCO World Heritage ‘In Danger’ list.

Media Release: Backflip on super trawler night fishing ban gives dolphin deaths the go ahead

Thu 17 September 2015
The Stop the Trawler Alliance of conservation and recreational fishing groups today expressed dismay at the Federal Government’s decision to allow the factory freezer trawler the Geelong Star to resume night fishing in the Small Pelagic Fishery, despite no evidence being provided that the vessel can avoid killing more dolphins and seals.

AMCS urges new Turnbull Government to stand up for Australia’s marine environment

Tue 15 September 2015
The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) has welcomed new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and encouraged him to commit to strong policies to protect Australia’s marine environment.

Juvenile whale found dead under coal industry tugboat

Wed 9 September 2015
The Australian Marine Conservation Society is deeply concerned by reports that a juvenile humpback whale has been found dead in the propeller of a coal berthing tug boat at Hay Point.

Marine science breathes life into netted apex predators

Wed 9 September 2015
Frightening movies, such as Jaws, along with lurid reports of shark attacks on surfers and their boards, do little to foster public sympathy for these rulers of the ocean.

Yet sharks of all shapes and sizes play a vital and ongoing role in maintaining the delicate balance of Earth's marine ecosystems.

All is fine and dandy in first Brisbane Festival from David Berthold

Mon 7 September 2015
From the dancing dandies of Kinshasa to experimental Japanese jazz and edgy, sexy cabaret, David Berthold's first Brisbane Festival is a breath of fresh air.

Media Release: Tim Winton and Bernard Fanning join forces to celebrate Australia's oceans.

Fri 4 September 2015
In an extraordinary union of Australian icons, Tim Winton, Bernard Fanning, Katie Noonan, Jessica Watson and Professor Iain McCalman will take to the stage at QPAC’s Concert Hall this Saturday 5 September, for the world premiere of Rise for the Oceans - A celebration of the sea.

NAB decision to rule out Adani funding is more welcome news for Reef

Thu 3 September 2015
The Australian Marine Conservation Society has welcomed news that the NAB has ruled out financing Adani’s coal mine, rail and port facilities.

Media Release: time for NSW to restore its marine sanctuaries

Wed 2 September 2015
The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) is calling on the New South Wales Government to restore and expand the state’s marine sanctuaries.

Scientists warn almost all seabirds will ingest plastic by 2050

Tue 1 September 2015
The CSIRO is warning 99 per cent of the world's seabirds species will be ingesting plastic by 2050 if current marine pollution trends continue.

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