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  • The Great Barrier Reef is fighting for its life
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The Australian Marine Conservation Society is Australia's only national charity dedicated exclusively to protecting ocean wildlife and their homes.

Flic's legacy

AMCS has launched the Felicity Wishart Legacy Fund, to honour our beloved friend and colleague. The fund will provide scholarships for female environmental activists. The scholarships will pay for leadership training and mentoring, focusing on activists from smaller organisations because empowering grassroots organisations was so important to Flic. Flic devoted her life to protecting our blue planet. Please help us continue her legacy by  making a contribution.

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Take plastic off the plate for our sea life

Plastic is often mistaken for food by seabirds and turtles. Throughout the world, around one million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals are killed every year by plastics, either entangled, strangled, choked or starved.

If you live in VIC, TAS, ACT or WA, sign our petition and show your support for a national Cash for Containers system! Cash for Containers is the best way to reduce litter and increase recycling.

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The Top End deserves a plan for the health of the coast

The next Territory government must deliver a plan to secure the future of the coasts and seas, or risk permanent damage to the Top End marine environment and the lifestyles that depend on its health.

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A Great Leap Forward for Bottle and Can Litter Reduction and Recycling in Queensland

Environmental groups have welcomed the State Government’s decision to introduce a Container Deposit Scheme (cash for containers) in Queensland, describing it as a great leap forward for litter reduction, recycling, environmental protection and a vital financial boost for community organisations interested in can and bottle collection.

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The Australian Marine Conservation Society welcomes Josh Frydenberg to the new portfolio of Environment and Energy which recognises the vital link between energy use and its impact on the environment at a time when Australia’s oceans are seeing the highly conspicuous impacts of climate change.

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Join us

Sea Guardians are the lifeblood of AMCS. They are the wind in our sails, and help us plan for long term, strategic conservation campaigns.

For as little as 66c a day, you can help us continue our critical work to combat overfishing, create marine sanctuaries, and protect our endangered marine life like whales, sea turtles and dugongs.

All Sea Guardian donations are 100% tax-deductible. Join as one of our treasured Sea Guardians today!

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Sustainable Seafood Guide

Love your seafood but also love our oceans? We are proud to offer Australia's first online sustainability guide to seafood.

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Perfect beach shorts from The Rocks Push

AMCS has joined forces with The Rocks Push to save our sharks!

10% of the profits from the shark fin shorts will go towards our future campaigns to end this cruel practice.

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