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  • Where do the parties stand on protecting the Reef?
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The Australian Marine Conservation Society is Australia's only national charity dedicated exclusively to protecting ocean wildlife and their homes.

Reef Election Policy Scorecard 2016

The verdict is in!
Here's where the major parties stand on the crucial election issue of protecting our Great Barrier Reef.
This election will be a crucial turning point for our Great Barrier Reef, and it needs our support now more than ever. This weekend, make your vote count for our Great Barrier Reef!

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free sustainable seafood app

Australia's Sustainable Seafood Guide is your independent tool to choosing seafood wisely!

It was developed in response to growing public concern about overfishing, farming practices and their impact on our oceans and wildlife.

Check out the Guide online and download the app for iPhone or Android!

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Reef election policies don’t go far enough: Fight for the Reef

The Fight for the Reef campaign’s final Election Policy Scorecard, released today (Wednesday), shows that the next Australian Government will need to increase its financial commitment to the Reef, regardless of which party wins office.

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This morning, community members delivered a petition signed by 700 local people urging George Christensen to protect the Great Barrier Reef to his office in Mackay.

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Scientists, NGOs, and lawyers demand World Heritage Committee act over Great Barrier Reef coral bleaching crisis

In response to the unprecedented climate crisis unfolding on the Great Barrier Reef, twenty-nine scientific experts, NGOs, and international and Australian lawyers have called on the World Heritage Committee, at its July meeting in Istanbul, to urge Australia to act immediately to protect the Reef from the impacts of climate change.

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Sea Guardians are the lifeblood of AMCS. They are the wind in our sails, and help us plan for long term, strategic conservation campaigns.

For as little as 66c a day, you can help us continue our critical work to combat overfishing, create marine sanctuaries, and protect our endangered marine life like whales, sea turtles and dugongs.

All Sea Guardian donations are 100% tax-deductible. Join as one of our treasured Sea Guardians today!

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Sustainable Seafood Guide

Love your seafood but also love our oceans? We are proud to offer Australia's first online sustainability guide to seafood.

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Great Barrier Beer

At least 50% of the profits from Great Barrier Beer go to help fund AMCS's work to protect the reef!
This crisp mid-strength IPA is the only beer in Australia to support the work of a charity and AMCS is proud to be the first Australian charity with its own beer!